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Rowius GmbH


Am Kirschenäcker 1
36148 Kalbach-Uttrichshausen


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Our strength lies in lowering your costs by providing consistent, high quality services!

Rowius specializes in providing technical solutions for retail chains and stores. We offer complete solutions for all your needs from the initial opening to the closing and take on all requirements regarding technical operations to ensure a trouble-free workflow in your store.

We have grown to position ourselves as a trusted cooperation partner of hard- and software manufacturers, both in Germany and increasingly within the European market.

Careful product and provider neutrality allows Rowius to roll-out, install and maintain most of the common systems used in retail infrastructure, also in homogenous IT landscapes.

We offer a wide range of standardized and customized service packages, always with a focus on reducing the costs to our customers.

Rowius has a proprietary IMS (Store Information and Management ERP System), a multi-lingual cloud solution for the retail market, developed and optimized in-house. The system is a modular design, which can be adjusted based on customer requirements and desired tools.

We offer centralized staging and repair, 1000 m2of storage space, and meet all your logistics needs via direct links to our logistics partners.

Our experienced project managers stand ready to advise you from the idea and planning stage to the practical implementation of the new technology post market launch – also internationally.

Make the Customer happy 🙂

Our corporate philosophy is the key to our success in partnerships. Rowius stands behind this philosophy with our name and all our team members.

Five factors are the source of our success. Creativity, innovation, flexibility, transparency and budget focus, i.e. cost awareness:

Creativity means leaving worn out paths to find individually designed solutions for you.
Innovation means creating interactive tools to streamline and simplify proprietary or complex processes.

Flexibility means quickly anticipating changing requirements from store to store and making the required adjustments.

Transparency means providing you with constant visibility into our work and progress on the project. As specified by you, individual tasks may be done by your own teams.

Cost Awareness means offering you step-by-step solutions, tailored to the budget allocation.


According to our motto – „think globally – act regionally“ – the ROWIUS network is continually growing, nationally and internationally.

Do you have any free capacities? Would you like to expand your own service calls with a functioning network? Could a cooperation with ROWIUS be interesting to you in the future?

Our ideal partner:

  • enterprise of 3 – 20 staff members
  • minimum of 2 years active on the market
  • minimum of 1 customer reference
  • technical expertise in: assembly, electrical installations, transportation, IT, telecommunications, SW
  • absolute dependability
  • owns a TOP quality control system
  • understands the meaning of servicein service calls
  • owns pertinent certifications where required

We offer you:

  • an international, active network
  • regular calls commissioning
  • firm terms and conditions
  • a longterm and fair partnership

If this is of interest to you, please contact Mrs. Süß at our home office. Kontaktaufnahme.


Our partners are connected via the ROWIUS-IMS-System with our Support and receive all relevant data as ROWIUS technicians on-site at your retail stores. They are equipped with a mobile depot and primed spare parts for immediate change-outs. In addition, regional depots of primed equipment ensure quick fault recoveries on-site.