new openinG

Successful new opening

The installation of your new opening technology can already be carried out by us when the hardware is delivered.

The systems are set up with the complete periphery in our Staging Center. We will install the image of the POS software together with the hardware-related drivers on the POS PC.

Through the VPN tunnel connected to your IT, we will configure the POS system according to each branch. In a stress test, which contains between one and seven hardware components in line with your specifications and which tests and records the computing power of your system for up to 24 hours, we determine whether the system is functioning properly on the hardware and software side.
After a successful user simulation test, the POS system and all other components necessary for the installation such as back-office equipment, in-store TV, in-store music, video technology or security devices are packed, labeled and shipped according to your specifications.
The notified technician establishes the branch infrastructure in the store. He or she sets up the POS system, connects other IT and TC components operated in the branch and carries out a complete IT/TC function test together with the site manager or the branch management.

Successful data management

When hardware is delivered, the components are divided into products, devices, e-parts, and consumables. Accordingly, the collection of the goods is carried out. A separate warehouse is set up for each customer, if necessary, with separate storage locations for the different sites.
After the final test, all components are booked to the branch. All serial numbers are set in motion on the store. At the same time the logistics process is starting.
The direct connection to different logistics providers enables seamless tracking.

If a shipment is successfully handed over to the recipient, the serial numbers are automatically booked to the store and a technician call is activated.
Since every process at Rowius is mapped in the IMS in the form of a call and since said system is cloud-based, every technician with his personal user rights can call up his assignments and print out a report for each call.
After completion of a job, the technician phones the Rowius dispatch-team or the project management at the customer. There his information is recorded, and different functions are checked. After successful processing, the technician receives a verification code as confirmation.



Successful modification

Your used equipment is still optically and in its basic functionality flawless, but needs an update?

In a pilot rollout, different conditions in the stores are recorded and a fixed process for the actual rollout is defined.
All different hardware generations are analyzed and an upgrade of RAM, HDD, CPU, RAID is checked. In a simulated environment, different operating states are tested under alternating load. This also includes the stress test procedure with different routines.
In a stress test, which includes between one and seven hardware components according to your specifications and which tests and records the computing power of your system for up to 24 hours, it is determined whether the system is functioning properly on the hardware and software side.

In the rollout, the old devices are exchanged for new ones, cleaned inside and out, upgraded, tested, and returned to the rollout. The installation, the function test and the handover to the store employees are carried out in the same way as a new opening installation.

Successful data management

All results from the pilots are recorded and logged in the IMS. Each branch to be converted is uploaded into the IMS with all the information important for the rollout.

Each step in the process is scheduled, documented, and saved. The customer receives individual user authorizations and can thus follow the status of the project progress live in words and pictures.

After completion of a job, the technician phones the Rowius dispatch-team or the project management at the customer. There his information is recorded, and different functions are checked. After successful processing, the technician receives a verification code as confirmation.


on-site service

Successful on-site service

We know each of our partners and every employee who works for our customers personally, whether in Germany, Hungary, Croatia, or Estonia.

This is an important factor of our success and a pillar for our reliability.
Every technician knows what is important to you as a customer and what counts. You can trust in us and check whether each order has been processed as we promised.
Today Rowius is represented throughout Europe and provides the service you need on site, day after day.

Successful data management

18 countries, 9 languages, 1 system

In addition to their native language, each of our international contacts can speak English and/or German.
Our IMS is multilingual.
Every technician is familiar with the IMS and works with the system before, during and after each call.
All information is transmitted from you to the IMS to the technician. When the call is processed, the information is transmitted back to you by the technician via the IMS. Various interfaces and FTP files are bridges between systems that work differently.

For us, on-site service means: a seamless connection from hardware management to helpdesk, the technician’s work on site at your branch to the statistical analysis in the IMS.


branch structure

Successful branch infrastructure

Does the IT infrastructure in your branch need to be adapted? No matter whether it's a new LAN, WLAN or TC environment - we can do it.

No two branches are the same and yet many are similar. In a PRE rollout, we “test” different conditions and define a process scenario and a standard for the new layout of the IT infrastructure of the store together with you.
From the POS to the warehouse or the back office, whether through the ceiling or a wall, we make way for your new connection.
Our service starts again where it is appropriate for you. We work with your installation material just as we order, deliver, and install it for you.
You will receive a new, functional infrastructure together with test protocols and measured values that are summarized in an evaluation report of the branch.

Successful data management

Example of a branch survey

In the IMS, you can witness the progress branch by branch during the infrastructure construction and receive the data online just as you wish.
In the case of WLAN installation, for example, a survey can be carried out after each installation.
This allows you to determine live whether the best coverage of the store has been achieved or whether there is still room for improvement.
To improve the result, an additional access point can then be used after consultation with you. In the IMS you can see the complete order process.
Complex connections require a very conservative and sound management.

Especially in case of the increasingly more important topics of data security, WLAN infrastructure and management of the connection security, Rowius agreed to cooperate with Qosit. This ensures that the customer also has a specialist for the management of VPN and WLAN data connections in terms of stability, security, and operational adjustments.


branch support

Successful branch support

Often underestimated: with qualified branch support, expensive on-site service assignments can be reduced or even completely avoided.

Our national and international helpdesk offices are only staffed with service technicians or personnel with branch experience. We are represented locally in every country and always work in the respective national language.
Each of our employees knows the customer, his hardware and software.
Our helpdesk tool in the IMS creates a clear structure – the experience of our employees a high quality.

Around 93 percent of all incoming problems or error messages can be successfully solved in the first level helpdesk.

Successful data management

We make a daily statistical analysis possible and are always transparent for the customer!

Due to the standardized structure, the classification into categories, the error description and the measures, a detailed evaluation is possible.
Features such as store master data information, the store’s equipment or the documentation of on-site interventions help create an image for the helpdesk staff of the store on-site.

The analysis can be used to determine in a very detailed way, which hardware components cause the most problems or where the software is prone to errors. This can also be used to analyze if employees of a store need additional training.

This creates operational reliability, cost reduction, employee efficiency and satisfaction.


instore Marketing

Successful instore marketing

A high standard:
Finding license-free solutions. Keeping costs under control. Rolling out multimedia technology in the stores.

More and more technology is used in stores, more and more hardware has to be maintained and kept operational. We are also your service provider for in-store music, digital signage or, as we call it, in-store marketing.
We coordinate hardware together with you and show you license-free solutions and possibilities to realize further interesting approaches to in-store marketing.
According to your ideas we install components like customer frequency counters and integrate various interfaces into the system.
We organize and carry out the rollout for you and of course also take care of the maintenance of your system.

Successful data management

Our IMS has its own multimedia solution tool (MST). There you have the possibility to combine in-store music and in-store TV to an in-store marketing instrument.
In the MST you can play standard playlists. However, you also have the option of doing in-store marketing, adapted to current weather conditions, the sales development of the branch or the sales of the day.

No matter whether it is the happy hour promotion from 5 p.m. or the offer of umbrellas when it is stormy and rainy outside, in-store marketing will always be varied and interesting for your customers.